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The Missing Piece, Opera Libretto — 60’

Co-Written by Erin Matthews, Music by Greg Nahabedian

2020 Strange Trace (Boston, MA)

The Friends House, Opera Libretto — 45’

Music by Steve Crino

2020 Podcast Opera Company (Baltimore, MD)

Box, Play — 10’

Original script

2020 Rapid Lemon Productions Staged Reading (Baltimore, MD)

See You Today, Opera — 10-15’

Original libretto and score

2020 Strange Trace (Online)

2018 Boston Conservatory (Boston, MA)

The Sperm Whale Produces the Loudest Sound of Any Living Thing,
Devised Theater — 60’

Original and found text and music

2019 Peabody Conservatory (Baltimore, MD)

Someone Else, Choir — 6’

Original poetry and score

2019 Quorum (Boston, MA)

The Desert, Opera — 10’

Original libretto and score

2017 Boston Conservatory (Boston, MA)


Extra, Opera Libretto — 60’

Music by Peter Pacak Robie

2021 Peabody Conservatory (Baltimore, MD)

Nigel: The Loneliest Bird in the World, Opera — 70’

Original libretto and score

Awaiting premiere

additional compositions

5 poems of e.e. cummings ... soprano, bass and organ

Accident ... baritone and piano 

And I’ll Never Forget It ... two voices, piano and trombone

Cabaret Miniatures ... medium voice and piano

C’est(say) ... orchestra

dis/content ... voice

He would not stay for me, and who could wonder ... baritone and bassoon   

-hale ... two performers sitting back to back

In War with Time ... soprano, mezzo-soprano and piano

note/look ... two performers of about equal height

sweet ... solo piano

Tight 5 ... comedic performer

to(o) ... choir SATB, solo soprano and piano

Two Cabaret Duets ... four voices and piano

Quotations ... two sopranos, clarinet and toy piano

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